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Authentic bomber jacket with Fur Hood


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The Authentic bomber jacket designed by Furrik is a supreme selection for men’s fashion. It has an appreciable lightweight and the best texture. The comfort and warmth are stemmed from original quality shearling wool. The jacket’s ability to fend against the harsh cold on its own is guaranteed by the natural wool. A complete finishing in Nappa-crack contributes to external beauty.

The winter wear upholds the blend of brown and yellow tones. The stark contrast is a peak charm on a dull winter day. It is designed as a bomber jacket with basic attributes like front zipper closing and side pockets. The zippers belong to a high-class smooth-run grade. Conical-shaped pockets are tailored in patch style for ease. The wool trim border stands as a highlighted décor.

Merino shearling wool trim ordinates the hemline and both wrists. Both of the long sleeves are accessorized by curly wool along arms and joints. The concentric tribal pattern supports the peak elegance. The appearance is the most elite and delightful. Cuffs are further standardized by single-style leather belts and buckles. Thus, a neat look along with fashion is streamlined.

The distinct feature of the round neck collar includes crystal fox fur and a superior leather belt with buckle adjustment. The internal comfort and standardized fit are thus shaped out of it. A smooth finish is concluded by the detachable fox fur hood. The additional dense fur frames the authentic bomber jacket for grand celebrations and a sheer shield against frigid weather.

Winter wear is an ideal option for long-lasting wear. Sturdy design and an alternative option of putting the rich hood frame the elite grandeur. It is a smart buy groomed with a never-ending fashion! 

Physical Features:

  • Brown bomber jacket
  • completed with nappa-crak finish and merino shearling wool 
  • Crystal fox fur collar with quality leather belt 
  • Detachable enriched fox fur hood
  • Wool trim décor on arms and joints
  • Leather belt around both cuffs 
  • Dense wool around hem line and wrist 
  • Smooth-run zipper for front closing
  • Conical patch style pockets on front
  • Dense wool border along pocket
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