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Authentic Men’s Shearling Jacket With Crystal Fox Fur Detailing


$1,495.00 $1,595.00

This is a Special/Customized Order. 

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Suede finish jackets spark a different aura when highlighted with the best colors. Furrik’s Authentic Men’s Shearling Coat features top-notch solid colors with slim-cut designs, customized to your size.

As much as it has created a buzz since the traditional days, shearling is one such costliest fabric that is owned with pride. Luxuriously soft and supple in texture, the Authentic Men’s Shearling Coat comes with a suede finish with Crystal Fox fur detailing. 

Made out of original sheepskin, the heavy-duty jacket does have a tanned outlook. The most accentuated part of the jacket is the detailing of sheepskin wool patches. Highlighted in white, the wool fur trim well compliments the brown tan color. Right from the shoulder, cuffs, sleeve line, zipper line, side pocket and hemlines, the beautiful crafting of the sheepskin wool gives it a more premium touch. 

Focusing on the collar section, the collar area is well plated with Crystal fox fur. The long, fleecy and guard fox fur is smooth and dense. The complimenting aspect is the dual-tone feature. The dual-tone combination of the crystal fox fur paves for a feel of a manlier personality. 

Not just the collar, the zip-out hood of the celebrity jacket is all feels. The fusion of white sheepskin wool patch, tan color and dual-tone crystal fox fur complement each other so beautifully. Well suited for all temperatures, the jacket sets itself apart even under harsh weather conditions. 

Completely crafted with hands, the warm-toned jacket is specifically designed to last for long years with minimal handling and care. The zipper of the jacket is made of the highest quality. Having a waistline length, the jacket has a slim-cut design. Not just that, it has spacious hand-warming side pockets highlighted with sheepskin wool trims at the ends. 

Detailing of the product

  • Authentic Sheepskin Suede finish tan colored jacket
  • Sheepskin wool trim around the joints 
  • Collar and zip-out hood detailed with crystal fox fur
  • Use of dual-tone fox fur complimenting the tan color
  • Inside pockets made of genuine leather
  • Added authentic cow leather belt 
  • Minimal care and maintenance
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