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Aviator Style Shearling Jacket


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Curated from genuine pelts of a premium variety of Aviator Style Shearling, this product line is something different from the rest. And the first thing to notice about it is the entire outlook and finish of the product. Right from the color, texture to the fusion of both the finish of the jacket, you will be in awe.

Designed with unparalleled style and sophistication, the Aviator Style shearling jacket has a beautiful blend of grey and black. The highlight of the jacket here is, it has got the fusion of both Suede and Nappa finish, unlike other shearling jackets. Crafted with hands, the premium shearling jacket is soft and supple in texture. It gives you immense warmth and comfort even under harsh and extreme cold climatic weather conditions.

The jacket comes with a highlight of a cow leather pocket that has a Nappa finish. The intricate stitching of the Nappa finish Cow leather patch pocket with the grey suede finish jacket creates a vintage vibe.

The heavy-duty jacket creates a place away from the monotony and grabs attention right with the color detailing in the first place. The distressed grey has never looked so yearning had it not been because of the cow leather pockets attachment. The jacket is again covered with original sheepskin wool trims. It is not just the wool patches or trims, there is also the addition of leather trims all over the jacket. The leather trims are showcased around the zipper line, on the sleeves, shoulder, arm area and hemline area.

The innovatively designed vintage aviator-style shearling jacket does have an aesthetic feel. The cow leather pockets come with a flap. Pretty spacious, the hand-warming side pockets will keep your palms warm and comfortable in extreme weather conditions. There is the addition of a buckle belt between the collar and shoulder area. It is also made of cow leather having a Nappa finish.

The inner wool layer of the sheepskin is turned outside the collar, frontline and the handcuffs around the wrist. This makes it more of a stunner vintage aviator style jacket.

Detailing of the product

Designed from genuine shearling pelts

Stylish inbuilt belt along the neckline

Leather trims around the shoulder, upper arm, edge of the sleeve and waistline

Sheepskin woolen layer on the collar, frontline and the handcuffs

Requires minimal care and maintenance

Available in a wide variation of size

A perfect blend of Suede and Nappa Finish

Cow leather pockets with Flap

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