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Baggy Fox Fur Coat for Women


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Simple winter wear with minimum details and accessories is always in demand. When simple features are assigned to attractiveness, it becomes far too fantastic. Furrik crafts women’s winter clothing with meticulous accuracy and attention to detail, with a focus on design and grace. The baggy fox fur coat is one of the iconic versions of winter outerwear presented. The modest wear is gorgeous despite its lack of showy frills and accessories. It is an excellent choice for festive gatherings attributable to its distinct flare.

The coat is available in a collection of identical designs but in different shades. Each of them has a blend of contrasting dual tones in a stylish pattern. The color combination emanates sheer elegance, feasible enough to offset the enormous sparkle.

Winter coats with fur are well-known for being exceptionally light and effective at keeping the cold at bay. The genuine arctic fox fur utilized in this product delivers endless warmth and comfort. In addition to its proven ability to resist the terrible cold dark night, it may be taken for winter daytime travel. The inside silky satin lining imparts the most enticing feel.

Tilted side pockets with slits allow for rapid access. The flexible fit coat allows for all-day wear besides being stylish and trendy. A concealed front closure with clip lock hooks is always a better solution for keeping the warmth and harmonizing the vogue.

The waist-length coat maintains an elegant paragraph texture. This gazing design braces the full body and long sleeves. The wide ridges play an important part in contributing to the magnificent majesty. The gorgeous patterned outerwear ups the stylish ante. The jewel neckline enhances elegance and displays timeless charm.

The baggy fox fur coat is an ideal option for women of any physique. Its sturdy design ensures durability in terms of both original attractiveness and shape. It is a worthwhile warm layer that requires minimal upkeep. The timeless fashion ensures easy dressing.


Physical Features:

  • Waist length coat
  • Distinct paragraph fur texture 
  • Arctic fox fur with inner silky satin lining 
  • Jewel Neckline
  • Clip-locks front closing
  • Slit style pockets on hips     
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