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Men’s Black Classy Long Shearling Coat is the Outfit Available to Explore



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What would you prefer between faux leather or Shearling leather? If you know the difference, then you will choose the latter one. Why? Shearling leather is genuine leather from lambskin or sheepskin that is soft, supple and comfortable to texture. Furrik offers genuine leather outfits like this Men’s Black Classy Long Shearling Coat.

The coat is from authentic pelts of shearling with an outer Nappa finish. The inner surface is the trimmed woollen layer that is very comfortable to wear. This pure shearling coat has a supple texture with adequate warmth. This is a knee-length coat radiating unparalleled style and grace. This chic winter outfit guarantees a perfect fit for all.

The notch-style lapel collar in this jacket is the flipped and exposed inner surface, which is a trimmed woollen layer. There are four buttons at the front, where two are used for closure and the rest two are for aesthetic purposes. This long winter outfit has a separate class of its own. The inner woollen trimmed layer is exposed throughout the frontline. The lower portion of the coat is open and without any closure.

This long coat has a feature that is not only about looks. The bottom of this coat at the backside has a slit end for comfortable mobility. The black shade of this coat makes it more alluring. This chic winter outfit radiates a powerful masculine charm that is hard to resist. The two side pockets keep your palms warm. The hand-warming side pockets are slit and comfortable for the hands.

The inside surface of this coat has an inner pocket that is a small and hidden storage space. Well crafted by skilled designers, the product range reflects flawless finishing. This product is a priceless and stylish winter outfit for men.


  •  Authentic pelts of shearling
  •  Stylish and appealing look
  •  Two slit side pockets
  • One inside pocket
  • Comfortable inner woollen trimmed lining of shearling
  • The inner layer is flipped and exposed at the collar
  • Notch-lapel collar
  • Premium quality shearling
  • Knee-length coat



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