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Black Full Skin Mink Fur Bomber Jacket for Men is Stylish and Luxurious


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There are many reasons why you will buy fur coats. You may be looking for something stylish, luxurious or something as an investment piece that is ideal for special occasions. Before investing in a coat that costs thousands of dollars, you need to ensure that it is high quality and worth every penny. Furrik introduced this perfectly worthy Black Full Skin Mink Fur Bomber Jacket for Men to provide all the features you desire in a winter jacket.

The Black Full Skin Mink Fur Bomber Jacket for Men is pure whole-skin mink fur pelts. Another feature you need to search for the best fur jacket is the jacket must not be too heavy that you cannot wear it in public places. Mink has lightweight and dense fur. This type of fur is ideal for the warmth required and is easy to carry on winter days. For these reasons, this jacket, like other mink fur garments, is slowly making its way back into fashion.

This jacket is authentic mink fur with clean & even stitching. The length extends up to the waist. The waist area has an elasticated band to act as an insulator for the chilled weather. This jacket enhances your masculine appearance and keeps you warm on bitterly cold days.

This Black Full Skin Mink Fur Bomber Jacket is desired for its thick, silky, black fur, and is marked as a luxury commodity. The modern and classic look added with style in this mink fur bomber jacket for men has a geometric vertical and parallel design.

It has perfect finishing on the bottom and full sleeves for a classic look. Due to the quilted elastic at the bottom and cuffs for increased comfort, this mink outfit has a bomber appearance. Two hand-warming side pockets and a premium quality metal zipper are included to make it more versatile for clothing underneath.


  • Whole-skin mink fur jacket
  • Lightweight and dense
  • Full sleeves
  • Elasticated waist and cuffs increase comfort
  • Premium quality metallic Zipper as front closure
  • Vertical and Parallel format design
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