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Bomber Varsity in Sheepskin Mouton


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Overview : Single-toned outerwear makes an immense stark statement and significantly defines a new genre, always when donned. Similarly, the Bomber Varsity in Sheepskin Mouton is uni-toned burgundy outerwear for men. To point out, the shade is one of the most attractive ones, offering a strong compliment when considered as a part of festive attire. Additionally, Solo shade has a specialty of bearing the ability to twin up with any shaded underlying layer and bottoms.    

Basic Details of the Mouton Sheepskin Bomber Varsity

To begin with, the primary features include the front closure, pockets, and collar. To emphasize, the front is tailored with smooth run zipper closing for a quick neat dressing. It extends to the regular style turn-down collar, with the collar being of a double woolen style. Further, slash pockets on the sides improve the storage capacity as well as a comfortable hand-resting space. Most notably, since the overall tailoring is ultra stalwart, hence the Varsity allows for a hassle-free experience throughout the wear-time. 

Prime Aspects of the Bomber Varsity in Sheepksin Mouton

The waist-length men’s Varsity is enlisted within the luxury segments. Credit goes to the concept of integrating premium satin and authentic sheepskin mouton wool. A dense attribute of natural wool accounts for the major heat trap, while also allowing for restriction—free flexible mobility. 

Further, overall, the bomber is tailored with a smart fit to promote snugness. But, to supplementally enhance its functionality towards adverse weather, modified wrists and hemline works wonder. And so, elastic stretch keeps the bomber in place despite frantic activities.  

Ending Clause

All in all, the Sheepskin Mouton Bomber Varsity makes a worthwhile selection with it being able to last for years. However, minimum care is needed and well that is all to set it to flourish even in the current fashion, years after.

Features of the Bomber Varsity in Sheepskin Mouton

  • Waist-length men’s bomber varsity
  • Elasticized Hemline and Wrist
  • Double woolen turn-down collar
  • Authentic Sheepskin mouton with internal silky satin lining
  • Zip-up front 
  • Slash Pockets on front
  • Compact weight 
  • Flexible fit allowing unbounded mobility


  • Wool – Authentic Sheepskin Mouton
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Zip-up Front Closure
  • Regular turn-down double wool collar
  • Slash pockets
  • Elasticized Hemline, Cuffs
  • Waist-length Bomber Varsity
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Regular, semi-festive
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