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Burgundy Suede Finish Shearling Jacket with Fox Fur Hood for Women


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As much as shearling jackets have gained popularity and buzz, just imagine having a biker style Suede Finish Shearling Jacket in your wardrobe collection. Furrik has introduced their collection of shearling biker jackets in maroonish color. And you cannot get your eyes off that.

Acquired from young lambs, the original Suede Finish Shearling Jacket is exceptionally soft and supple in texture. The maroon suede finish jacket comes with a silver lining. And that is the zip-out hood plated with fox fur. The zip-out hood is properly covered with fox fur trims which is dense and comfortable.

The entire outlook of the jacket is so comfortable. It offers sufficient warmth even in low-temperature conditions. Designed by hand, the biker jacket showcases unparalleled style and sophistication.

Being a plush winter outfit, the woollen surface of the lambskin is flipped. It is wool fur trims are exposed to the joints. This includes the collar, shoulder, wrists, side pockets and waistline. Making it an appealing winter wardrobe must-have, the biker jacket has beautiful color coordination.

The biker jacket has straight finish hair over the hood and collar area whereas the body of the jacket has a rich suede finish. The burgundy color has been specifically designed in a manner that the shiny gloss and suede finish complement each other.

Furthermore, to complement the entire look, there is an addition of the original cow leather belt at the waistline. It makes the jacket radiate a unique and powerful charm. The jacket is designed in a manner that suits all women’s physique and heights. It is available in a wide range of sizes.

The jacket looks aesthetically pleasing. The fox fur is dense and comfortable, covering most parts of the joints. Not to forget again, the highlight is the zip-out hood.

Curated with care, caution, precision and diligence, the product line reflect a flawless finish. The biker jacket has got spacious hand-warming side pockets keeping your palms warm and comfortable. It also has inbuilt inner pockets made out of original leather.

Detailing of the jacket

  • Made out of pure pelts of shearling
  • Elegant fur zip-out hood
  • Sheepskin wool trim around the collar, shoulders, wrists, side pockets and the waistline
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Biker jacket ideal for a location that experiences harsh winter
  • Spacious harm-warming side pockets
  • Inbuilt inner pockets made out of original leather
  • Additional original cow leather belt
  • Need minimal care and maintenance
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