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Double Collar Shearling Jacket


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The stunning attractiveness and well-maintained comfort of Furrik’s magnificent sheepskin jackets work wonders. An array of sheepskin and shearling jackets comes within the ultra-iconic category, thereby also fitting under the luxury banner. The Double Collar Shearling Jacket reinvents regal style by showcasing the perfect fusion of fineness and imperial grace.

The shearling jacket is a delight for grand occasions and events and on the other hand shapes a perfect formal and semi-formal attire. Its single-toned, uniform black shade enables it to make a stylish statement. Also, the elegance makes a perfect add-on for underlying attire of any shade.

Its exceptional double collar feature gives it a wonderful shielding quality and also reveals a distinct design by offering its owner the choice to stick with a single-style collar. Additionally, the wear is made grander by the outer zip-out collar. The jacket draws attention to the elite shearling wool trim that runs along the forefront and hem.

Belt straps are an amazing stylistic aspect that not only supports the trend but also adds a standard flavor. Real leather, customized with buckle ends for fit adjustability, is used to make the black-colored dual cuff, collar, and waist belts.  By insulating and keeping the maximum amount of warmth through the collared neck design, collar belts fend against extremely cold conditions.

The wool trim on the long sleeves draws attention to the extended cuffs and carved design on the arms. It takes on an imperial label and creates distinctive detailing. Therefore, in addition to luxury, small details contribute to style, making the winter jacket a great option for a cozy look. Side pockets with zip closures and front zip-up closure are well-tailored. 

The Double Collar Shearling Jacket is an ideal option for long-lasting wear. With the interior’s original shearling wool pelts, it provides a superb defense against cold weather. Its premium smooth Nappa polished leather adds to its timeless appeal. Even after years of use, sturdy detailing maintains its lifespan and keeps it looking brand new. 


Physical Features:

  • Black bomber
  • Original shearling wool pelts
  • Smooth Nappa finished leather
  • Extended Hem and frontline with wool trim
  • Dual cuff belts with buckles
  • Dual collar belts with buckle
  • Waist belt
  • Carved wool trim décor on arms
  • Extended cuff with wool trim
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Zip up front
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