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Exotic Arctic Fox Fur Black Parka Convertibles with Fox Liner to Bring Out the Fairy in You


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Arctic fox fur belongs to the chic variety and is expensive. It is also durable and reputed to offer sufficient warmth, coziness and comfort even on days that are too cold and harsh. The texture of the fur is fluffy, dense and supple.

An exotic range of Arctic fox fur hybrid black parka convertibles has been introduced for ladies. The product range is ideal for them reinvent their elegance and class. These parkas are designed with great care and innovation; as a result they are literally unique and outstanding from the other alternatives. You can custom choose the type and the color of the fur for the inner parka vest at the time of ordering.  However the fur along the rims of the hood and the frontline remains static. The exotic item is designed with unparalleled care and caution so that you can also wear it as a proper dress. In fact you can attend different types of social gatherings and events in it apart from wearing the item in different ways depending on your mood.

Both the frontline and the parka liner are detachable. Thus you can slip on the inner vest as a completely independent outfit. The shell is made of high-quality nylon to offer 100% protection from rains. In other words the parka doubles as a raincoat. Carefully cut and stitched by highly trained and experienced hands, these parkas are designed to underline all your physical assets and make them appear more spectacular in a chic and elegant way.

Furrik is left with only limited stocks. Hurry and place your order now!

  • Original Arctic fox fur plates
  • Soft, warm, cozy and comfortable even on exceptionally chilly days
  • Durable product line
  • Chromium zippers
  • Detachable frontline and liner
  • Possible wearing the inner parka vest as an independent outfit, like line waist
  • Custom choose both the type and color of the fur of the inner vest while ordering
  • Fur along the trim of the hood and the frontline is static
  • The parka reflects sheer class and elegance
  • Available in different sizes to ensure perfect fit
  • Cut and stitched by expert hands to make your feminine curves more prominent in a refined and classy way
  • Perfect finishing
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