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Fox Fur Coat with Hood and Collar – A Perfect Winter Outfit


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To be a trendsetter, one has to wear this deluxe fox fur coat with hood, collar and zip-up closure. There’s no doubt that this will be a valued addition to one’s wardrobe owing to its impressive features and supreme quality. It comes with a broad collar of fox fur as well as a detachable hood. It’s also designed with a metal zipper which has chrome plating for lasting performance.

Outstanding Features of Coat with Hood of Fox Fur

This lightweight outfit keeps one pleasantly warm and offers an all-round protection from the chilly wind. It looks outstanding in a brilliant shade of golden with vertical black streaks creating a stunning contrast. Because of its bright color, it can instantly brighten up ones appearance as well as mood.

Alongside having impressive looks, it’s handcrafted to offer absolute protection from the chilly wind. The front zipper can be used to close up this outfit up to the neck. Furthermore, the neck enjoys the unmatchable warmth of fox fur owing to a wide collar. For additional protection from the cold, this outfit is designed with a large hood which can be easily attached or detached on an as needed basis.

Coat of Fox Fur with Hood – Dapper Looks with Ultimate Comfort

The satin lining certainly heightens the comfort of wearing this coat with its velvety feel. The texture feels markedly smooth to the touch due to fine quality of the fur and use of advanced processing technique. Fox fur is naturally breathable. Therefore, wearing this outfit for hours causes no discomfort.

With long sleeves of genuine fox fur, this magnificent coat certainly offers all-round protection from the cold. For a day-out, one may pair this outfit with jeans or any other type of casual trousers for men. It creates an equally impressive combination with leather pants or other stylish trousers.

Key Components

  • Luxuriant coat of original fox fur looks magnificent in a bright shade of golden with black streaks
  • Long sleeves and turned-down style collar of fur add to the warmth and comfort
  • Detachable hood of fur for additional protection
  • Satin lining offers a velvety feel
  • Front zipper of metal with chrome finish
  • Side pockets to warm the hands and hold personal items
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