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Women’s Fox Fur Hand Warmer Muffs



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Furred muffs are broad-style hand warmers made of real fur that are voluminous and fluffy. Apart from its consistent fame as a winter protector, it also gains the legacy label. It has a wide structure which gives way to a striking flair on a complimentary notch. Furrik’s Fox Fur Hand Warmer Muffs can be an excellent addition to the vintage closet. Women can experience enriched luxury when donning the delight add-on. 

Enhance the beauty with the gorgeous appeal of natural fox fur. Pure arctic fox fur is assured to be in its original nature which curbs the way to the ultimate elegance. Its accent is accentuated by the lovely enormous structure. However, it is feathery light and renders utmost comfort. The genuineness exudes a distinctive and attractive fur texture.

The mega-plush feature provides warmth and coziness. The silky satin internal lining provides a sumptuous feel. Its high-end smooth texture is noteworthy. It is the most effortless add-on with only an easy free end sliding feature. Hands are easily accessed in and out as per requirement. It ensures a structured fit for everyone attributable to its flexibility. The accessory can be accessorized on both hands and arms to ward off the cold and also to make an iconic fashion statement. Thus, one can easily put the grand regalia to exude a diversified appearance.

This winter item is a fantastic choice for a sudden celebration as it provides a spectacular touch to the sparkle. Consequently, have a unique take on the cutting-edge craze with an outstanding hue. Uniform white is pretty alluring and highlights the entire beauty. Rest, added benefits eclipse its portability and durability.

Women’s Fox Fur Hand Warmer Muffs coordinate well with any winter ensemble. Its versatility makes it a one-time asset and qualifies for being paired up with any shaded apparel. It establishes a classic appeal and well compliments a basic outfit.


Physical Features: 

  • Authentic Arctic Fox Fur hand cum arm warmer
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • White shade
  • Free end flexible fit


Instructions for use:

  • Hair dryer – blow for acquiring the fluffy shape; on receipt of item
  • To be subtly hand washed to retain its original shape
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