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High Neck Soft and Warm Real Fox Fur Paragraph Winter Coat for Women


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Simple winter wears that are made with minimal design is always preferable. If subtle yet lovely embellishment is added, it turns way too exquisite. Furrik crafts women’s winter wears with the finest precision and care, prioritizing style and elegance. The Fox Fur Paragraph Winter Coat for Women is one of the designs mentioned. The modest outerwear, despite having few flashy details, is yet really beautiful. It is a great selection that strikes a distinctive style in women’s parties.

Winter coats with fur are renowned for being extremely lightweight and effective at keeping off the bitter cold. The genuine arctic fox fur used provides eternal warmth and comfort. It can be alternatively carried for a winter daytime trip in addition to its guaranteed capacity to withstand the bitter cold dark night. An utmost sensual feel is imparted by the internal smooth satin lining.

The paragraph fox fur coat is available in a collection of a variety of coats that are identical but come in different hues. Each of them has a uniform bright shade throughout. The single tone exudes a sense of pure elegance that is sufficient for the substantial glitz.

A graceful paragraph fur pattern is maintained by the tee-length coat. The entire body and long sleeves are braced by this gaze design. Wide ridges have a significant role in the grand majesty. The stunning pattern elevates women’s fashion throughout. Collars are altered to create a round neck shape, contributing to an elegant yet timeless look.

Front pockets are made in slit style at hip level. It is designed to be roomy with a convenient slide-in feature. This is an added benefit for storing belongings as well as keeping palms warm. With a sophisticated and fashionable appearance, the flexible fit feature enables all-day wear. An easy front closing with concealed clip lock hooks is always a better option to retain the warmth as well as harmonize the vogue.

The Fox Fur Paragraph Winter Coat for Women is an ideal option for women of any physique. Durability in terms of both original appeal and shape is guaranteed by sturdy design. It only needs one time of investment and minimum upkeep. An everlasting fashion ensures effortless dressing.

Physical Features:

  • Tee Length coat
  • Distinct paragraph pattern 
  • Arctic fox fur with inner silky satin lining 
  • Round neck collar
  • Clip-locks front closing
  • Slit style pockets on hips   
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