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Fox Fur Vest with Hood to Elevate Ones Looks


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This fashionable fox fur vest with hood is handcrafted using full pelts of arctic fox fur and feels extremely smooth to the touch. One may wear it over a sweater or jacket for added protection from the freezing cold. It brings the protection of long guard-hair as well as the comfort of thick undercoat.

This luxurious vest is equally suitable for the moderately cold temperatures of fall season. At that time, it can keep one warm even when worn over a T-shirt or shirt. It also comes with a metal zipper for closure. Because of the zipper, one can easily put the vest on and take it off. At the same time, it offers maximum protection from the cold air because it closes the vest up to the neck.

Exclusive Qualities of Gorgeous Vest of Fox Fur with Hood

Because of its pristine white shade, this vest can be paired with a large variety of bottom-wear and top-wear for men. It’s compatible with all types of color on the palette whether it’s a lighter or darker shade. To look like a trendsetter, one may wear it over a pair of jeans as well as semi-formal or formal trousers. It also pairs flawlessly with leather pants and tights because of its design and color.

The large hood is another important feature of this deluxe vest. In winter, it offers protection from the freezing wind. Furthermore, it works as an element of style and adds character to this outfit’s design. The satin lining makes it markedly comfortable to wear this vest because of its velvety texture. For essentials, this vest has slit style pockets on both sides. One may even use them to warm the hands.

Key Components

  • Posh vest of Arctic fox looks marvelous in pristine white shade
  • Large furry hood to safeguard the head and neck
  • Velvety satin lining offers a cozy feel
  • Front zipper of metal with chrome finish
  • Each side has a slit-style pocket for personal items
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