The spotless charm of this fox fur white coat with hood can make any woman look like an angel. At the same time, it can keep one warm with baggy sleeves and modish frontline of fur. The smooth texture of the body creates a stunning contrast with the tiered pattern of the sleeves and frontline. This coat feels markedly comfortable to wear owing to the smooth fur and velvety satin lining.

Immaculate Features of White Fox Fur Coat with Hood

With long guard-hair of fox pelts, this coat works as a shield against the cold wind. Additionally, the dense undercoat keeps one comfortable with its plush texture. It also prevents the loss of body-heat. Without a doubt, this is the right outfit for winter. The satin lining further enhances the comfort of wearing this outfit. It looks marvelous in red and creates an impressive combination with the white fur.

The sleeves and frontline of this outfit look stylish with paragraph pattern arrangement of wide bands of fur. Alongside prettifying this coat, they keep the hands as well as the front part of the body warm. To keep the head and neck comfortable in winter, this outfit is designed with a large hood. It’s outlined by thick bands of fur in tiered pattern. They certainly offer more protection from the wind.

Elegant White Coat of Fox Fur with Hood for Any Occasion

With slit pockets on both sides, one can easily carry their personal items after wearing this coat. Owing to its pristine white shade, it can be paired with a large variety of women’s bottom-wear or top-wear of any color. Thus, one has limitless styling options. This angelic outfit can make one look like a style icon at any event.

Key Components

  • Deluxe coat of Arctic fox fur with long baggy sleeves
  • Wide bands of fox fur outline the hood as well as the sleeves and frontline in paragraph pattern
  • Soft satin lining looks brilliant in red
  • Hook-and-eye front closure for extra protection from the cold
  • Side pockets on both sides are useful for holding personal items