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Hare Fur Bomber Jacket for Women in Natural Color


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Furrik’s furred winter wear collections stand out for their refinement and extravagance. Each product is distinct and has a unique aspect that makes it exceptional. One of the concerns that were prevalent among other brands about thick, fluffy winter clothing being heavy has been dispelled by modern design approaches. Instead, opulence and the ability to retain warmth are clearly felt in their heightened form. In line with this, Furrik presents the Hare Fur Bomber Jacket for Women in the most basic manner while yet capturing its regal attractiveness. 

The premium quality bomber is renowned for its enduring comfort and sturdiness. It gives off an imperial aura simply by being in its natural form. With regard to a facile but ideal design, the weight is feathery. Longer continuous wear times and intense activities can be experienced effectively.

Genuine Hare Fur is skillfully crafted to provide a uniformly voluminous texture when it comes to detailing. The internal lining’s specialty is a snug, luscious feeling, which best-quality satin greatly adds to. The round neck collar in natural fur provides a pleasant and cozy feeling due to its delicate being. Additionally, it maintains the insulation and adds to the overall lush feel. 

A further attribute of the long, baggy fit sleeves is their broad, elasticized wrist endings. It provides an additional layer of comfort and works wonders to keep the loose-fit flexible bomber in place. A comparable feature on the hemline keeps the bomber’s appearance and further emanates a varied appeal. Besides that, the wide, elastic band has a highlighting appearance. A front zipper closure that is positioned in the middle is crucial for accentuating the jacket’s clean and uncluttered appearance. A smooth run is ensured with them being of superior quality.

The attractiveness and attention-grabbing nature of donning one hue never fade. The fur’s natural blend of whitish and brown tinge in the grey, however, is made apparent by the real hare fur. Any color of pants stands out sharply when paired with outerwear, which exudes a lovely appeal.

The Hare Fur Bomber Jacket for Women is renowned for its original non-shedding fur. Modern and sophisticated tailoring maintains the original inventiveness and softness while enhancing durability, appeal, and usefulness. In the market for genuine fashionable winter apparel, it is a wise purchase.

Physical Features: 

  • Natural hare fur bomber 
  • Voluminous texture
  • Natural fur shade in grey
  • Silky Satin inner lining
  • furry collar
  • Elasticized wrist border and hemline
  • Zippered front closure
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