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Hooded Silver Fox Crop Jacket with Captivating Looks


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This exquisite hooded silver fox crop jacket looks spectacular in dyed pelts of varying shades. It features a wavy texture due to being designed with sectioned pelts of Silver fox. The aesthetic arrangements of the colorful pelts undeniably raise the glam quotient of this outfit. The non-dyed pelts of Silver Fox create a marvelous combination with the colorful pelts. It certainly gives a glamorous touch to this outfit.

Interesting Features of Charismatic Silver Fox Hooded Crop Jacket

This deluxe outfit doesn’t just elevate a woman’s appearance. Also, it insulates one from the biting cold temperatures of winter owing to the finest quality Silver fox fur. At the same time, it can keep one pleasantly warm in moderately cold temperatures due to being handcrafted with breathable natural fur.

The hood with a stylish border is another praiseworthy feature of this elegant outfit. It brings incredible warmth and protection of fox fur to the head and neck. The border outlined by Silver fox fur is aesthetically pleasing. However, it serves another purpose by working as a shield for the face and neck. Without a doubt, this pretty outfit is designed to keep one warm in windy days of winter.

The sleeves look stylish with embellishment of Silver fox fur around the cuffs. Furthermore, they don’t let the air pass through. This outfit also has a modish and warming frontline of furry trims. The metal zipper with chrome finish allows one to close the jacket up to the collar. The chrome finish certainly enhances its longevity. The timeless charm of this outfit is also going to last through generations.

Look Glamorous Wearing Hooded Crop Jacket of Silver Fox

A woman may pair this winter-outfit with several types of women’s bottom-wear. It may be as feminine as a dress or skirt or as casual as a pair of jeans. It also looks gorgeous when paired with leather pants or tights.

Key Components

  • Magnificent jacket of Silver fox fur handcrafted using multi-colored pelts
  • Large hood and long sleeves look modish with furry outline
  • Stylish frontline of Silver Fox fur
  • Smooth texture of satin lining feels extremely cozy
  • Metal zipper in the front with chrome finish
  • Slit pockets on both sides for personal items


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