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Hybrid Black Parka with Rabbit Liner Convertibles for Divas!


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Typical way to recognise Finn Raccoon fur is the long tipped guard hair with silvery black appearance. This premium variety of fur is as soft and supple as you can imagine.

A fascinating range of Finn raccoon hybrid black parka convertibles for women has recently been launched. Made from authentic raccoon fur imported from Finland, the jacket range is breathlessly attractive. A lot of innovation has gone into designing this product becomes evident when you are allowed to custom choose the fur color of the inner parka vest at the time of ordering although the fur on the trim along the frontline and that of the hood remains static or unchanged. You can also wear the inner parka vest separately as an independent line waist as both the frontline and the liner are easily detachable. Just like any other raccoon product, this range of parka jackets too offers considerable warmth on exceptionally chilly days and is meant to be long-lasting. The shell is made of high-quality nylon and is 100% waterproof. When you dismantle the frontline, the parka shell acts as a reliable raincoat or windcheater and helps you beat downpours. In short, the range of raccoon fur parkas is so smartly designed that you can wear them as a proper dress to attend a wide range of events or functions. Cut and stitched by highly skilled and experienced hands, the leather jackets amply reveal your vital statistics but in a cultured, dignified way. Chromium zippers add glee to the product.

The stocks are limited at Furrik. Better order now to ensure timely delivery.

  • Made from original raccoon fur imported from Finland
  • Undoubtedly Warm and Long-lasting
  • You can wear the parka in different ways and as a proper dress to attend different types of social gatherings and events
  • Chromium zippers
  • Both the frontline and the liner are detachable
  • You can wear the inner parka vest separately
  • The shell made of superior quality nylon and 100% waterproof
  • You can wear the parka as a raincoat or windcheater
  • Impeccable finishing
  • Smartly stitched to highlight your physical assets
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