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Leather Cape with Chinchilla finish Trims


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A cape is an outerwear garment designed to keep the wearer warm and protected from cold temperatures, wind, and snow. Capes are usually sleeveless but cover the hands. In places where the temperature goes far beyond the comfortable range, special winter garments made of furs, leather, and similar materials are needed. A leather cape is ideal in those areas & Furrik’s Leather Cape with Chinchilla finish trims perfectly suits the requirements. 

A leather cape with chinchilla finish trim is an outerwear typically made from premium leather material. The cape is soft and supple in a yellow shade. The chinchilla fur adds texture and luxury to the cape, and its gray and black pattern shade complements the yellow-dyed leather.

Leather capes with chinchilla finish trim are typically worn as a statement piece and are popular among those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their wardrobe. A leather cape can be paired with formal attire or worn as a stand-alone piece for a more dramatic look. This 

Winter cape is typically lined with a layer of premium silk-satin material on the inner side to provide warmth and prevent heat loss.

A hood is a common feature of winter capes and can provide additional protection to the head and neck from the outer elements. This leather cape also has a hood with a chinchilla-trimmed finish. This winter cape is flared at the bottom on both sides to form a symmetrical curve. The leather cape has a metallic zippered closure at the front and two hand-warming side pockets. While the primary purpose of a winter cape is functionality, this cape features stylish details such as fur trim to add a fashionable touch to the garment. The flawless finish and bright yellow shade with gray and black trimmed border make this cape a must-have piece for the lady’s wardrobe collection.  

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