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Long Coat with Polar Fox Fur Is a Women Winter Outfit with Elegance


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During the months of winter, when cold winds start blowing, warm and cosy attire is all we need to go outside. There is a massive difference between usual winter garments and genuine fur outfits. Polar Fox fur is one of the softest and most expensive fur types. Long Coat With Polar Fox Fur for Women is one of the luxurious winter collections of Furrik.

This coat is one of the most stylish, warm and elegant outfits for winter. This fox fur coat is an investment piece that you can wear for several years to come. You will stay warm this winter while looking chic and elegant at work. This long coat covers fully to the foot.

The full-sleeved coat is elegant on its own. The genuine Polar Fox Fur skins are not only luxurious and exotic in looks. The thick fur is of premium quality, providing adequate warmth for chilled days. You will feel comfortable in this long coat.

The soft, authentic fox fur skins are used to create a beautiful uniform pattern design on the two sides of the coat. The pattern design amplifies the appealing feature of the outfit. The hook closure ensures the insulation of this coat from the adverse cold climate. The separate collar and silk-satin lining of the coat ensure levelling up the class of this outfit in the winter wardrobe section.

You are probably wondering why you should buy this coat. Well, this is because it is beautiful. It will only get better with time, & you can not go wrong with such premium quality outfits. It has full sleeves that will cover your hands. The coat will protect you from the chilled winds. Admirers will flock to you with compliments, and you will feel like royalty wearing this high-quality winter wear.


  • Fox fur skin
  • Full sleeves
  • The long coat extends to the toe
  • Uniform pattern
  • Silk-satin lining
  • Separate collar
  • Long Coat with Polar Fox Fur
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