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Long Fox Fur Vest for Women


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Uncover the concealed grace of furred winter wears by Furrik. The array of furry outer wears highlights the true sense of glitz that emanates from the realness of fur. Fox fur, the densest type of fur, exhibits its undeniable attractiveness when it is most natural. In this way, fancy clothes make way for a new fashion subgenre. Furrik’s long fox fur vest redefines the style with the humorous truth that it never goes out of trend, regardless of the latest runway fashions.

Vests are renowned for fitting well over any occasion and being adaptable to any season. The women’s vest serves as a stunning piece of warm layer and is the ideal match to any outfit. It forms a glam festive ensemble and is the ideal choice for any special occasion. In addition to being appropriate for the winter collection wardrobe, it can be chosen for stormy days in the summer.

One can feel their best in this chic outerwear attributable to its lightweight. The thick arctic fox fur and a satin-lined interior further enhance the sense of luxury.  Satin, acknowledged for its silky smooth texture, and fox fur, famed for its ultra-warm insulation, each leaves their own distinct impressions of excellence. The cashmere strap’s ribbon-style front fastening is incredibly fashionable. The sleeveless overcoat’s elegant appearance is thus preserved by meticulous detailing. 

The standard vest is available in two variations featuring the same design but different hues: one in royal blue and black and the other in dual distinct pink tones. The elegance is majesty-filled by the alternate sequence of different shades. Hemline is specially tailored, leaving a refined stance. Slit-style side pockets guarantee pleasance and heat retention. The round jewel neckline adds an exquisite touch.

The long fox fur vest is skillfully crafted and ensures a long lifespan. Its high grade provides opulence and plushness. Furthermore, the long-length attribute flatters the feminine physique.


Physical Features:

  • Long length vest
  • Overcoat style without sleeves
  • Arctic fox fur with inner silky satin lining 
  • Jewel neckline
  • Cashmere strap with ribbon style closure
  • Slit style pockets on hips  
  • Flexible body fit     
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