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Rabbit Fur Long Coat Men in Double Section Lining Texture


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This knee-length rabbit fur long coat for men looks strapping in a coffee-brown shade. Pelts of full skin rabbit fur exude their natural shine. The double-section lining pattern also adds to its aesthetic appeal. Further, the turned-down furry collar on both sides markedly protects the neck from cold. Additionally, the design of this collar marks for a fantastic highlight on the appearance of this outerwear. 

The collar fuses with the notched lapel on both sides of this men long coat in rabbit fur. Alongside elevating the looks, the additional layer of fur simultaneously protects one from the chilly wind. The buttons in the front improve the fit and ensure ultimate comfort by completely closing the front.

Utilitarian Features of Rabbit Fur Long Coat for Men

This lightweight wear is pretty elegant owing to a flowy structure. Besides, it can be comfortably worn for a long time. The long sleeve is yet another basic feature and it aids to keep the hands warm with full coverage. The cut and flow of this single-breasted coat render a slender look for the wearer. 

Exclusivity of Men Rabbit Fur Long Coat

To begin with, the finest quality of satin lining covers the inner part of this long coat making it markedly comfortable to wear. There are large slit pockets on both sides. They can be used to carry the essentials as per one’s needs. Furthermore, they can keep your hands warm when going out.

This luxurious long coat can be paired with a wide variety of trousers as per the wearer’s choice. For this reason, this outerwear can be worn to make a grand entrance in all festivities or formal events of winter.

Vital Features of the Long Rabbit Fur Men Coat

  • Elegant knee-length coat of authentic full skin rabbit fur 
  • Internal Satin Lining
  • The body and collar are in a coffee brown shade with a natural shine 
  • Turned-down collar with notched lapel
  • Slit pockets on both sides with sufficient space
  • Buttoned closure in the front
  • Sophisticate outerwear for social events or formal parties


  • Fur – Authentic Rabbit 
  • Texture – Double Section-lining
  • Internal Lining – Satin
  • Turn-down Collar, Notch Lapels
  • Button-down Front 
  • Slit Pockets
  • Knee-length
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Formal, Regular, Occasional
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