Furrik’s luxurious fox fur coat exudes the expansive’ beauty of dense fur. The coat appears to exude the beautiful texture of handcrafted fox fur. It forms a unique variant of the current style, with a touch of timeless fashion. The stunning tee-length wear epitomizes the true essence of fluff.

A voluminous coat may appear to be substantial and difficult to carry for an extended period of time, but perfect pattern creation and designing highlights the lesser weight quality of the furry wear. One can experience the comfort in proportion to the warmth retention index. It has a high warmth is to weight ratio. 

Dense real arctic fox fur keeps up the most lavish feeling ever imaginable. Furthermore, on the higher end, satin fully lined on the interior sets up a perfect combination to label the coat as opulence and authentic. The carved patchwork texture of the fur is quite novel. Contrasting black and white tones give off its captivating concept. 

To maintain with the plush, the front closure is enhanced by a concealed zip layoff. The v-neckline style lets a fashion splash and compliments the fox fur’s enormous blossoming magnificence. Front pockets keeps up with style and ease with their slit type access. The loose sort of baggy fit coat is really comfy and delightful to snuggle in.  

The luxurious fox fur coat makes for a beneficial investment. It is one of those wears that could be worn by any woman on just about any occasion. It forms decent attire optimal for sophisticated events. Its exquisite detailing ensures its durability. Rest assured, it comes in a range of sizes.  


Physical Features:

  • Tee-length coat
  • Distinct carved fur texture 
  • Alternate black and white tones in a patch work scheme
  • Real arctic fox fur with inner silky satin lining 
  • V-neckline
  • Concealed zipper front closing
  • Slit pockets on front