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Luxurious Sheepskin Shearling Jacket for Men


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This is a Special/Customized Order. 

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Setting forth the option of looking glamorous and warm in our most lightweight and comfortable warm garment with the latest extra-special fashion design. Introducing the Luxurious Sheepskin Shearling Jacket for Men –  our extra-ordinarily designed winter garment shall protect and hold our celebrity men to withstand adverse cold winter days.

Briefing the features; it is made from original unadulterated thick shearling wool on inner part. Completed with a smooth coffee brown Nappa-finishing on pure leather, the outer layer radiates a dazzling glaze. 

As we know, the colour of attire is one of the responsible parameters for contributing to a smart and attractive look. Hence, the colour combination of Nappa-finished leather and the thick shearling wool is a pretty unique blend in this context. 

Enhancing the grand manly aura, the Luxurious Sheepskin Shearling is attributed with a double collar beautifully oriented one above the other. The outer zip-out collar has a separate metal zipper and double-style Nappa-finished leather belts with metal buckles. This acts for uplifting the standard look of warm apparel. 

The coat carries no lapel but it is attached with a modified extended frontline behind the zippers. It is of novel-style on which inner dense wool appears through Nappa-finished leather. Thick shearling wool from inner part encircles the sleeve edges beautifully making cuffs very attractive. 

Further, both collars also go by the dual face style – outer part with Nappa finished leather and inner part with thick fur. 

An attractive bold man with a top-grade personality is just the exact trait every man wishes to have. Keeping that as well on our design list, the luxurious sheepskin shearling is tailored with dual-style  black leather belts on both cuffs and outer collar. The belts are locked by pure shiny metal belts.

Uplifting the personality more, a black waist belt with a metal buckle and front pockets with tilted flaps are fitted. The waist belt, bottom slit at back-centre of the garment and the tilted pocket flap with button closure are amazing finishes!

So, tailored with all possible beautiful attributes, the Luxurious Sheepskin Shearling Jacket is ready to be picked up and put on. Not extending much of the sentence, a short suggestion – give it a try, our brand is standing by you, you shall never regret the option!

Physical Features:

  • Pea-length type
  • Smooth coffee brown Nappa-finished Outer layer
  • Thick and pure Shearling wool on interior
  • Thick band of wool on sleeve edge and frontline border
  • Double style furred collar
  • Bottom slit at the back
  • Tailored with front pockets and tilted flaps; button closure
  • Equipped with black colour Waist and collar belts
  • Double type cuff belts in black
  • Zippered collars


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