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Women’s Detachable Luxury Fox Fur Sleeves with Neck Warmer



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Acquire the chance to avail Furrik’s enticing adornments to surge fashion accent. Winter accessories have an unmatched beauty when worn with any type of ordinary dress.  And so, furred ones shape the impeccable perfection when paired with the underlying layer to highlight the magnificence.  In line with this, we present the most stylish women’s luxury fox fur sleeves, which define a modern take on winter attire. Enjoy the beauty bump with only one investment all winter long.

The winter add-on is crafted of genuine Arctic fox fur and esteems in warmth retention and insulation regulation. A silky texture offered by the inner satin lining is mentioned worthy. The delicate adornment is the result of expert tailoring which integrates originality and excellence. Detachable featured sleeves offer combined style possibilities with a single collar or set of sleeves, or a mix of the two. So, even in the chilly weather, one can be certain to be toasty. On the front, there are hidden clip lock hooks that hold the neck warmer in place and render it extra snug.

When it comes to well-being, then its uniformly single-shade highlight is worth noting; since the trait makes the regalia even more flexible to be coordinated with other apparel. Regardless of the underlying dress pattern and color scheme, it always looks chic. Of everything about them, the highlight is how stylish they appear with the wear being highly suitable for fancy parties.  Additionally, the enormous accessory is comfortable because of its lesser weight. The most exquisite feeling allows one to stay warm throughout the bitter cold. Thus, the charming piece forms a warm casual on a cold work-day aside from being a gem to festive attire.

Therefore, the luxury fox fur sleeves are certain to keep in warmth while looking voguish. Authentic fur is anti-shedding and supple. Softness and compactness allow its portability. Its strong detailing and superb design ensure an extended lifespan, making it a wise investment.


Physical Features:

  • Authentic Arctic Fox Fur Sleeves and neck warmer
  • Smooth and silky satin internal lining
  • Royal blue shade
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Premium quality clip lock front closing hooks
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