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Men Mink Fur Bomber Coat with Chinchilla Collar


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Since the early ’60s, mink fur, also known as luxury fur and was very popular. Its popularity has not diminished yet rather, became more trendy with different styles and accessories. The latest trend is with the Men’s Mink fur bomber Coat, which has been a source of glamour and pleasure for men and women. This demand and popularity of the fur-type Coat have made Furrik introduce newer versions, where the Men’s Mink Fur Bomber Coat with Chinchilla Collar is one of a kind.

This bomber Coat by Furrik is like a hug from the mountain. Pure mink fur is used to create this high-fashion outfit that keeps you cosy and warm. This Coat has blackish shades with a glossy touch that dazzles and looks differently shaded under the light. This mink fur bomber Coat is comfortable and chic. This Coat has a masculine vibe, which is difficult to resist.

The fur Coat has a shirt collar, and the shirt collar is pure Chinchilla fur. This bomber is a waist-length outfit that can be paired with any jeans or trousers. The soft fur is comfortable to the touch and provides adequate warmth for winter days. The bomber-style Coat has an elasticated band at the waist and the cuffs for an easy but tight fit. The two side pockets are for small storage space. The pockets can be used as a hand-warming option during chilled days.

The inner lining is of silk satin that is comfortable for the wearer. The silk satin is of premium quality. The front closure with the zip-lock system divides the front portion symmetrically. The zip-lock is of premium quality metal that enhances the class of this outfit. Sophistication and luxury together level up this winter wear. The fittings of this Coat are not too tight but comfortable.


  • Bomber style Coat
  • Pure mink fur Coat
  • Lapel collar is of Chinchilla fur
  • Soft and comfortable wear with adequate warmth
  • Premium quality metallic zip-lock as front closure
  • Two side pockets for hand-warming and small storage


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