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Mens Fox Fur White Coat Brings Unparallel Elegance and Comfort


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Luxuriousness of this mens fox fur white coat is evident through its smooth texture, natural radiance and cozy feeling. It’s designed using full-skin pelts of Arctic fox. They’re artistically set to create a parallel pattern. This winter-outfit with majestic looks brings the unmatchable warmth of fox fur. With long guard-hair and dense undercoat, it keeps one pleasantly warm through the winter season.

Spectacular Qualities of Deluxe Mens White Fox Fur Coat

The front and back sides of this long coat are designed using full-skin pelts of Arctic fox in parallel pattern. Alongside attributing a regal look to this outfit, the finest quality pelts keep one markedly warm in winter. As can be seen, the long shawl-style collar can keep the neck as well as the front part of the body comfortable. Furthermore, it works as a fashionable accessory for the long coat.

This long coat is designed with black satin lining for maximum pleasure. Its velvety texture feels extremely smooth to the touch. Owing to the long sleeves, this coat offers maximum protection from the chilly wind. The slit-style pockets are equally useful for keeping the palms warm. At the same time, one may use them to carry personal items when going out. This long coat can be closed using a durable hook-and-eye fastener.

This coat is handcrafted to last for decades owing to the premium quality of materials used in designing. Its impeccable appearance is certainly going to captivate one generation after another. It can create a charming combination with a large variety of shades because of the white fur. Also, it looks equally sophisticated when paired with formal, casual or fashionable trousers for men.

Key Components

  • Posh coat of Arctic fox fur with long sleeves looks regal in pristine white shade
  • Designed using full-skin pelts arranged in parallel pattern
  • Fine satin lining offers a pleasant feel with silky texture
  • Shawl style long collar keeps the neck as well as the front warm in winter
  • Hook-and-eye fastener in the front
  • Slit-style pockets for essentials and to keep the palms warm
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