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Men’s Fur Jacket Otter Fur Coat


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Men’s Fox Fur Reversible Vest is one of the new launches from Furrik. Maintaining a terrestrial lifestyle there is no better option than Fur Jackets and Coats. With providing you the warmth in severe cold days it makes you look trendy and stylish. For ages, Fox Fur have been very popular and desirable in the fashion industry, especially for its lightest weight. Fox Furs are valued for their soft, thick, dark fur, which remains a luxury item till date. Due to the high costs, Fox Fur is usually combined into various styles of clothing, or to decorate collars, hems, sleeves and caps.

This Men’s Fox Fur Reversible Vest is made of Original Fox Fur Pelts, has dense and evenly hairs with silky, soft texture.Without Sleeves this Vest is of Waist Length, has parallel designs to provide a classic look with a perfect finish.The Dark Brown shade can be paired with denims or any light shade to give a powerful impact of masculinity. This attire has a Hood with broad shoulders, giving it a manly appeal. The plush has two hand-warming side pockets with parallel designs all over the outfit and a finest metal zipper as closure. This item is of lightweight provides comfortableness and is fully lined with Genuine Leather liner, which can be reversed and can be worn both sided, adds an extra luxury to the outfit. This Reversible Vest is warm and durable,This style has its own high-end look and will make you stand out in the crowd.

You can bring style and glamour to your outfit by merely putting on this luxurious piece. Those who care about their look can desperately get their hands on this Vest. This product is choice for those who wish to show their power with a style statement.

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