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Men’s Heavy Duty Shearling Aviator Jacket


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Black jackets are a must-have to your wardrobe collection. And you can never go wrong when the jacket is all black. Furrik has added the heavy-duty shearling aviator jacket that is worth looking forward to. The Nappa finish jacket radiates unparalleled sophistication.

It is soft and supple in texture. The heavy-duty jacket is warm and comfortable that is wearable in extreme winter conditions. The Nappa finish jacket is well crafted with creativity and innovation. Sourced from original pelts of lambskin, the black-colored shearling jacket is pretty simple in style but aesthetically pleasing.

The jacket is available in all different sizes. It can be worn to different social events or gatherings. Not just that, you will love the sleek design of the plush winterwear. The shearling jacket features side box style pockets with flaps. But here is the catch, the flaps create a feeling of the box style. When you lift the flap, it has side chrome-finished zippers by the side. The all-black jacket does have buttons on them that accentuates the look of the jacket.

The inner woollen lining of the sheepskin is flipped and exposed to the collar section. The fur patch looks dense and quite smooth. This further uplifts the overall persona of the outerwear. The shearling jacket has an inner pocket in brown with a suede finish. The chrome-fined zippers of the jacket so well compliment the entire outlook of the jacket.

The zippers are placed at the centre of the jacket. On the other hand, the cuffs are well ornated with stylish snap buttons. The spacious hand-warming side pockets are meant to keep your palms warm and comfortable in extreme low weather conditions. The aviator jacket is crafted in a way that helps you stand out distinctly in any crowd.

The precision and detailed stitching of the designers have made the product so appealing to look at. Not just that, the jacket is a fit for all, regardless of height or physique. It will make your overall appearance look manlier and more athletic.

Detailing of the product –

Authentic shearling pelts used in making the coat

Thoroughly crafted by hands

Very warm and comfortable even in extreme cold climatic conditions

Easily lasts long with minimal care and maintenance

Easy to carry

Unparalleled innovative designing

You can wear it to different kinds of social gatherings or events

Spacious hand-warming pocket on both sides

Cuffs are decored with stylish snap button

Overall slim-fit design

Perfect fit guaranteed for everyone without

The item readily comes in a wide variation of size

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