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Men’s Long Chinchilla Coat


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With Furrik’s distinctive furred outerwear styles, grab the attention this winter. Why not make this season warmer and more thrilling than ever? Introducing the most beautiful Men’s Long Chinchilla Coat that boasts a silky effect. It unifies the definitions of fashion and luxury.

A loose and flexible fit coat may seem heavy and difficult to carry for a long time, but its lesser weight is revealed by its flawless pattern development and design. Its warmth-to-weight ratio is remarkable. And hence, the warmth retention index and the level of comfort are directly related.

Natural chinchilla fur accounts for one of the fur categories to maintain the most lavish feeling. Therefore the outerwear is skilfully created with genuine fur. It is significantly valued for its silky touch. Furthermore, on the higher end, satin fully lined on the interior accounts for an ideal mix to distinguish the coat as opulent and authentic. The fur’s paragraph texture is rather unique, adding to the attraction of the natural color scheme and contributing to a luscious aspect. Blackish and grey shades emerge as the most enticing appeal attributable to the fur pattern.

The front closure is aided by buttons to go by a smooth and neat appearance. The ingenious shawl-style collar makes a fashion statement while complementing the fur’s vast expanding beauty. Front pockets with slit-type access maintain flair and convenience. The loose, baggy-fit coat is comfortable and enjoyable to snuggle in.  The shoulders have been partially featured with a stuffed hood aided by zipper winding. The chinchilla fur hood’s compact option allows you to pick between styles and functions.

The Men’s Long Chinchilla Coat is an excellent purchase. It’s one of those looks that any man might wear on almost any occasion. It creates appropriate attire for formal codes as well. Its fine detailing safeguards its longevity. Rest, it is available in a range of sizes.  

Physical Features:

  • Mid-length coat
  • Distinct paragraph fur texture
  • Blackish and grey shade 
  • Real chinchilla fur with inner silky satin lining
  • Shawl style collar
  • Stuffed zippered chinchilla fur hood
  • Buttoned front closing
  • Slit pockets on the front
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