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Mens Mink Bomber with Hood in a Vivid Color Combination


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Without a doubt, this mens mink bomber with hood is a head-turner because of its impressive aesthetic features. The vivid burgundy looks outstanding when paired with the black and makes this outfit look stellar. Owing to the finest quality mink fur, this jacket feels extremely soft to the touch. Furthermore, one can wear this lightweight outfit throughout the winter and bask in its pleasant warmth.

Spectacular Qualities in Mens Bomber with Hood of Mink

This luxurious jacket radiates with the natural luster of mink fur. Additionally, its smooth texture feels velvety on the skin. The plush and breathable mink fur keeps one dry and makes it markedly comfortable to wear this outfit. Also, the silky satin lining heightens the pleasant feel of a wearer.

The turtleneck collar is undeniably an impressive feature of this jacket. Using the front zipper, one can close this outfit along with the collar. Thus, one can enjoy the silky touch as well as the warmth of mink fur around the neck. The chrome finish certainly increases the longevity of this user-friendly metal zipper.

This jacket is also designed with a removable hood which is easy to attach or detach. There’s no doubt that it offers additional protection to the head and neck from the cold when outside. With elasticated hemline and cuffs, one can enjoy absolute warmth after wearing this modish jacket.

Mens Bomber of Mink with Hood for Stellar Appearance

This magnificence of this bomber jacket certainly befits the glamour of parties or winter-time festivals. It looks chic when paired with jeans or other casual trousers for men. This lightweight outfit is an excellent choice for outings or trips. One may even wear it to be the center of attention at social or semi-formal gatherings.

Key Components

  • Posh bomber jacket of mink fur looks outstanding in a brilliant combination of burgundy and black shades
  • Turtleneck collar as well as a removable hood of mink fur
  • Finest quality satin lining feels velvety to the touch
  • Elasticated hemline and cuffs offers perfect fit
  • Zip-up closure with a metal zipper
  • Slit pockets on each side for essentials
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