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Men’s Real Stylish Shearling Jackets in Coffee with Practical Functionality


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Authentic and pure materials are always in demand and real shearling jackets are no exception. Furrik launched this Men’s Real Stylish Shearling Jacket in Coffee to balance the gap between demand and supply. This winter jacket is an excellent piece of artwork with practical functionality.

The premium Shearling Jacket is crafted from genuine shearling or lambskin pelts. The high-quality Suede finish jacket in a dark coffee shade has an extraordinarily smooth and supple touch. Even in extremely cold temperatures, the jacket provides great warmth and insulation. The jacket is lightweight and portable.

The elegant version of the waist-length shearling jacket is handcrafted. The flawlessly finished jacket can be combined with any bottom. The proportionally arranged chrome-finished zippers give the item a sophisticated appearance. The stylish winter attire adds a different class entirely, radiating exceptional charm and elegance.

The shearling jacket has an inner woollen layer and is flipped and revealed on the outside. The trimmed woollen layer inside is matte black and has a soft furry texture. The woollen fur is flipped and exposed to define the cuffs at the wrist and the collar. There are spacious hand-warming pockets to keep your palms warm and comfy in cold weather. The side pockets are zip-locked and a little vertically slanted.

The jacket is further distinguished by patchwork stitching throughout. This genuine shearling jacket appears simple yet trendy. The premium quality outfit has a hood attached to it, which is super stylish and serves practical functionality for the head. The flawless finish and the simple style with elegance is the key to making this outfit on the list of must-have winter outfits.

Product Specification –

  • Made from genuine shearling pelts
  • Metallic zippers in the centre that are symmetrically positioned and finished in chrome
  • Side pockets with hand warmers
  • Zip-out collar
  • Collar with hood
  • Jacket in dark coffee shade
  • Outside suede finish
  • Inner side woollen surface in a trimmed manner
  • Collar has the inner side flipped and exposed
  • Patchwork borders create an excellent design format
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