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Mens Shearling Black Jacket With Fox Fur Hood and Collar for Maximum Protection


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This fashionable mens shearling black jacket features a ‘retro’ through its overall design. There are markedly visible stitching lines, large chest pockets with flap and buttons adorning the centre front. All these features magnify this outfit’s aesthetic appeal alongside giving it a vintage look. The stitching lines improve the durability alongside enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this leather outfit.

The collar as well as the detachable hood of fox fur certainly makes this jacket look charming. At the same time, they make this outfit suitable for windy days of winter. Trims of shearling wool on the sleeves certainly add to its suave charm. Using the buttons in the front, one can close this outfit whenever necessary.

Mens Black Jacket in Shearling Unique Qualities

Owing to the finest quality sheepskin and shearling wool, this jacket feels markedly comfortable to wear. The interior woolen layer can keep one warm even on the coldest days of winter due to its natural insulating properties. The collar of fox fur is another utilitarian feature of this winter outfit. With long guard hair, it can effectively shield the neck from the cold wind and keep it warm.

With a large hood of fox fur, one can receives added protection when going out. The closely set silver buttons are undeniably a stylizing feature. At the same time, they enhance this jacket’s functionality as an outfit for the winter.

The chest pocket is another notable feature of this jacket. They are useful for securely carrying essentials because the flap can be buttoned. The stitching lines serve dual purposes. On one hand, these decorative lines enhance the aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, they ensure durability.

Mens Black Jacket of Shearling to be a Trendsetter

One may wear this luxuriant jacket with all types of bottom-wear for men whether it’s casual, formal or semi-formal. Also, it complements every shade on the color palette. It’s handcrafted using finest quality material to last for years with proper care and maintenance for the sheepskin.

Key Components

  • Plush shearling jacket in denim finish with a vintage charm
  • Silver buttons used for closure
  • Trims of shearling wool on the sleeves add to its modish looks
  • Spacious chest pockets with buttoned flaps as well as slash pockets near the waist
  • Broad collar and detachable hood of fox fur



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