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Men’s Tan Shearling Jacket with Collar Belt to Boost Your Appeal


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This men’s shearling bomber jacket in Tan has a different charm. Made out of authentic pelts of shearling or lambskin, the Moto style men’s Shearling bomber looks impeccable. The entire jacket is highlighted with loads of practical features and functionality.

Designed with care, caution and precision, this men’s shearling bomber jacket has Nappa leather patchwork all over. The product line ensures insulation due to the proper incorporation of top-notch quality zippers placed right at the centre. The Nappa finish genuine leather patchwork is so well highlighted. The leather trims are ornated over the frontline, the cuffs of the wrist area, the bottom edge, the arms, elbow lining, the chest and shoulder area.

The winter wear strikes a perfect balance between practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. The leather patchwork is also decorated on the upper left arm as a zippered pocket. It enhances the entire outlook of this Men’s Shearling bomber.

The inner woollen layer of the fabric is flipped ad exposed to most parts of the shearling jacket. The yellowish sheepskin woollen layer is well layered on the Moto styled biker jacket. Right from the collar to the zipper lining area, the woollen layer so well complements the brown suede color. The woollen trims are added to the cuffs as well as the bottom edge of the jacket.

The side zippers have leather patchwork stitching. They are spacious hand-warming pockets that will keep your palms warm and comfortable in extreme low weather conditions. It comes in a variety of sizes. Offering a guaranteed fit for all, the jacket has a proper blend of suede-Napp finish.

The astounding contrast and aesthetic effect of the leather patches and wool on this men’s Shearling bomber make the item look sophisticated and appealing. The jacket also features a pair of inbuilt leather belts around the neckline area.

Detailing of the product –

High-quality zippers placed at the centre

Stylish zippered side pockets

Zippered pocket on the upper left arm

Leather trims in a black run along the frontline, the cuffs, the bottom edge, the arms and such other places

There is a pair of inbuilt leather belts along the neckline

The collar has a lapel on the right for a Moto biker jacket like look

The item range is crafted from authentic pelts of shearling or lambskin

Available in a wide variation of size

The inner woollen layer of the fabric is overturned at the collar, the frontline, the edges of the cuffs and the bottom edge of the jacket

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