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Mens Sheepskin Aviator Jacket with Belted Collar and Cuff


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Sheepskin or shearling is very popular for application to winter clothing. They are renowned for their incredible capacity to retain heat. Being able to ward off the ice on their own makes them one of the most effective winter shields. Alen Cooper’s sheepskin and shearling outerwear collections are available in a variety of designs, each of which aims to highlight a certain attribute. And so, we present yet another one of their styles – the mens sheepskin aviator jacket which is made to serve its primary purpose of keeping out the cold. But additionally, it accentuates wool trim accents, giving it stunning outerwear for any significant celebrations.

The waist-length coat-style jacket is crafted of real sheepskin pelts. Processed sheepskin radiates stunning beauty and amazing warmth with its natural wool and Silky-crackle texture on the hide’s side. Since it is made of naturally soft and compressible sheepskin wool, wearing it all day long won’t irritate the wearer. The coat maintains the genuine charm of high-grade polished sheepskin while reflecting dazzling smoothness.     

Effortless wear is enhanced by easy patch pockets on the sides and zippered front closure. Smart tailoring features its structural fit. Further, a leather strap with a buckle end shapes the regular-style collar to extend the insulation and keep it warm. Dense and contrasting shaded wool trim in dark brown adds a compliment to the basic brown enticing aviator. Wool trim accessorized the sleeves while also bordering the wrist and hemline. Sleeve endings are embellished with buckled belts around cuffs. 

The mens sheepskin aviator jacket is adorned with minimalistic features to keep a check on its weight and match the standards of a premium aviator. Nevertheless, it gives off magnificent elegance and aids in keeping the wearer warm at the same time.  As authenticity marks a long lifespan, high-end winter wear keeps the wearer warm and fashionable all winter long and the same follows years after.  


Physical Features: 

  • Waist-length sheepskin aviator for men
  • Tanned hide with wool on one side and silky-crackled finished leather on the other side 
  • Anti-shedding original sheepskin wool
  • Accessorized sleeves along the arms
  • Zip-up front closure
  • Patch pockets on the sides with the wool trim border
  • Wool trim bordered wrist and hemline
  • Regular collar without lapel
  • Application: Tours, casual gatherings, occasional attire 
  • Purpose:  Extreme cold winter surrounding
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