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Mens Silver Fox Bomber Jacket


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This classy Mens silver fox bomber jacket will be an outstanding outfit for the winter. It looks brilliant in natural blackish grey shades of Silver fox fur. Furthermore, the use of full pelts gives a smooth texture to this jacket. The natural fluffiness of the fox fur certainly elevates its aesthetic appeal. Owing to its smart looks, it’s undeniably the right outfit for any type of winter-time event or affair.

Elegant Traits of Posh Mens Bomber Jacket of Silver Fox

With extended guard-hair and thick undercoat, this fox fur outfit is incredibly comfortable to wear in winter. Its spectacular aesthetics is perfectly balanced with the impressive utilitarian features. It has been handcrafted by artisans with careful attention to the quality of each item as well as to the manufacturing technique. This gorgeous outfit will last for decades with intact glamour and quality.

The furry collar of this jacket is wide enough to cover the entire neck and offer pleasant warmth. The long sleeves loosely fit to the arms because of the design and certainly bring the comfort of fox fur. The satin lining is another exclusive feature of this jacket. It feels extremely soft to the touch because of its velvety texture.

This winter-outfit is designed with two side pockets. These slash-style pockets aren’t just useful for carrying essentials. One may use them to cover the palms and keep them warm in freezing weather. The hook-and-eye fastener is another notable feature. One may use it to close up this outfit whenever necessary.

Spread a Classy Charm Wearing Silver Fox Mens Bomber Jacket

This ritzy jacket is truly a versatile outfit for the winter. One may wear it with a pair of jeans, dress pants or leather pants. It always looks classy and can glamorize ones appearance without a doubt.

Key Components

  • Deluxe jacket of Silver fox fur looks spectacular in natural shades with an even texture
  • Velvety satin lining for optimum comfort
  • Stylish collar and long sleeves bring the warmth of fox fur
  • Durable hook-and-eye fastener for maximum protection
  • Handcrafted by artisans using fine materials to last for years with moderate care and maintenance
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