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Men’s Wolf Fur Jacket


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Winter is the season of fests, parties and outdoor activities. This luxurious grayish white mens wolf fur jacket can be an outfit for all types of winter-time activities whether it’s held indoor or outdoor. Owing to the long guard hair and dense undercoat of wolf, this coat offers maximum warmth to the wearer. At the same time, the breathable animal fur prevents overheating and any discomfort.

Charming Qualities of Mens Jacket of Wolf Fur

In this plush jacket, the white bed of wolf fur is evenly tinged with black shade. This appealing combination of colors certainly heightens its aesthetic charm. However, this isn’t just a modish outfit for winter. With long sleeves and raised collar, it undeniably protects one from the cold wind.

Experienced designers have handcrafted this jacket using premium fox fur with utmost care and precision. Certainly, there’ll be no loss of charm or quality over the years. It only requires proper maintenance. The satin lining is another praiseworthy feature of this deluxe outfit. Owing to its finest quality, it feels markedly soft to the touch. Without a doubt, it makes this jacket markedly comfortable to wear.

This baggy jacket has spacious slit pockets on both sides. They are certainly useful for carrying the personal items. However, one may even use them to cover the palms from the cold wind and keep them warm. Furthermore, the clip-lock hook allows one to close this jacket whenever necessary.

Wolf Fur Mens Jacket as Fashionable Outerwear

Despite its voluminous looks, this wolf fur jacket is a lightweight outfit. Therefore, it feels equally comfortable as the daytime and nighttime outerwear. Its elegant looks make it befitting for social and semi-formal events as well as casual outings. One may pair it with jeans, leather pants, cigarette pants and many other types of bottom-wear for men. It’s certainly a versatile outfit for winter.

Key Components

  • Luxuriant jacket of wolf fur with long sleeves in baggy style
  • Raised collar for complete protection to the neck
  • Clip-lock hook for closure
  • Silky smooth satin lining for added comfort
  • Spacious slit pockets on both sides
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