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Mink Coat with Matching Mink Headband


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The luxuriousness of this Mink Coat with Matching Mink Headband reflects through its outstanding looks and plush feel. The long and furry sleeves cover up to the middle of the palms for better protection from the cold. With an asymmetric hemline, this fashionable outfit certainly boasts a unique look.

This furry coat with round neckline also has buttons in the front. One may use this closely set buttons to receive enhanced protection from the cold wind. The matching headband of mink fur is another key feature of this outfit. It certainly magnifies one’s glamour quotient alongside giving extra protection from the cold.

Mink Coat with Matching Mink Headband for Comfort & Style

The soft feel and velvety texture are the signature qualities of premium quality mink fur outfits. Alongside keeping one comfortable with a velvety feel, this coat can keep one warm throughout the winter season. Furthermore, the silky soft satin lining offers a pleasant feel to the wearer for hours. The slit pockets on both sides of this outfit are useful for carrying essentials and to keep the palms warm.

Owing to the quality of fur and excellent craftsmanship, the outstanding looks and plush feeling of this handcrafted outfit will last for years. Certainly, there will be no loss of glamour or comfort with proper maintenance. In this outfit with asymmetric hemline, the backside is longer than the front. This designing style is certainly a practical feature. Also, it gives a distinctive look to this coat.

One may wear this coat with or without closing it up using the buttons in the front. It can make a woman look stylish in either way. The pelts of mink fur covering the long sleeves certainly make it more comfortable to wear this outfit. The matching headband of mink fur is another unique feature. It readily glamorizes a woman’s looks alongside keeping the head covered in cold weather.

Key Components

  • Elegant mink fur coat with round neckline and long sleeves in soft pink shade
  • Asymmetric hemline with backside longer than front side
  • Matching headband of mink fur
  • Premium satin lining for a silky soft feel
  • Slit-style side pockets for essentials and added comfort
  • Front part has buttons for closure
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