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More Charming and Attractive Men in Hybrid Coffee Finn Raccoon Fur Parka Convertibles with Rabbit Liner


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Finn raccoon is renowned across the global fashion industry for its unique soft and supple texture. The easily long-lasting item also offers much warmth and comfort even in extreme cold climates where the temperature dips much below the freezing point. As one of the costliest furs in the world, it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

An incredible variety of hybrid coffee parka convertibles for men made from Finn raccoon fur is redefining fashion trends like nothing before. The product range is designed with utmost creativity and innovation. As a result the parkas radiate unparalleled elegance and belong to a class of its own. The rich patch of fur along the rim of the frontline and the hood is the unique designing element that makes the item look unbelievably manly and sophisticated.

The parka is thoroughly cut and stitched by hands. Highly trained and experienced designers have crafted the entire product line with immense care and precision. This is apparent from the absolutely flawless finishing the items have. Studded with plush chromium zippers, the parka is meant to arrest everybody’s attention on you. It is available in a wide range of sizes. Thus perfect fit is guaranteed for everyone without considering individual height or structure.

The innovatively designed parka can easily replace a proper dress. Unlike its competitors, you can wear it a number of ways depending on the circumstance. As both the parka frontline and the liner are detachable, you can wear the inner vest separately as a totally different dressing unit. The shell offers 100% resistance to water and moisture. It is made from premium variety nylon. In simpler words, the item is also a reliable windcheater or raincoat – although much more plush and elegant from the standard varieties.

Unlike the other categories of the product found in the market, the parka allows you custom choose both the color and the quality of the inner vest at the time of placing a purchase order. However the fur along the trim of the hood and that along the frontline is static. A wide and stunning range of options is given to make those selections hassle-free.

Last but nevertheless the least, the item is smartly crafted to reveal your shoulders broader and the waistline thinner. It is indeed your best option to appear more manly, charming and attractive.

Limited stocks at Furrik are fast vanishing away. Place your order now before the piece gets sold out!

  • Crafted from original Finn raccoon fur plates
  • Completely stitched by hands
  • Highly trained and skilled craftsmanship to ensure value for your money
  • Very soft and supple in texture
  • Very warm and comfortable even in extreme cold
  • Assuring durable
  • Requires minimal care and maintenance
  • Ideal for extremely cold climatic conditions where the temperature drops several degrees below the ice point
  • A lot of creativity and innovation has gone into designing the product line
  • The parka radiates unparalleled sophistication and taste to belong to a class of its own
  • Absolutely flawless finishing
  • The rich patch of fur running along the rim of the hood and the frontline gives the item a unique elegance and charm
  • The fur-covered hood keeps the face warm even in extreme cold outdoors to ensure value for money
  • Innovative designing of the item allows easily replacing a proper dress with it
  • Decked with plush chromium zippers
  • Unlike its other competitors in the market you can wear this item in a number of ways depending on the circumstance
  • You can wear it to attend different types of social gatherings or events
  • Unlike any other variety of the product available in the market, this one allows you custom choose both the quality and the color of the fur for the inner parka vest
  • Although the fur along the trim of the hood as well as the frontline is static
  • A wide and impressive range of options is given at the time of placing a purchase order to make those selections easily
  • The innovative product line establishes your fine taste and delicate choice related to fashion
  • The item is thoroughly cut and stitched by hands
  • Highly skilled and trained experts have crafted the product line with ultimate care and precision
  • You can slip on the inner vest separately as a completely independent dressing unit
  • This is possible only because both the parka frontline and the liner are detachable
  • The shell is made from superior variety nylon that offers 100% resistance to water and moisture
  • In straighter words the chic parka also doubles as a reliable raincoat or windcheater, although more fashionable and attractive than the standard ones
  • The product line is crafted with lot of care and smartness to make you appear more attractive with broader shoulders and a thinner waistline
  • It is indeed your best alternative to look more masculine and charming
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