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Mouton Fur Jacket for Men


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Brief : Mouton Bombers from Furrik primarily include the soft and dense authentic sheepskin wool. They define the most re-invented winter staples, absolute for harsh weather . Pure sheepskin wool is recognized for maintaining extreme warmth while maintaining a compact weight quality. Such winter clothing is well known for its incredibly opulent quality. Similar to this, the sheepskin mouton varsity bomber is being set forth for men this winter. 


About the Mouton Sheepskin Bomber Varsity

To enumerate, the interior has full satin lining. This accounts significantly for an uttermost plush experience. Whereas, the high-end trimmed sheepskin wool serves as an ultra fend for the adverse cold. The premium-grade therefore upholds the strict shielding capacity. Additionally, the allure of the authenticity of the naturally dense wool is always valued. Besides, providing uniform warmth and detering the cold is always the key function.

When it is about the basic features, long sleeve ends feature classic bomber characteristics. Similar to how the hemline contributes extra snugness attributable to the flexible fit. However, the front is fitted with a snap button-down style for simple dressing. A Mandarin-style collar, on the other hand, makes an ingenious statement. Subsequently, the free-end slash pockets add a further dimension of functionality and appeal owing to their comfortable design and intuitive hand-sliding feature.

Scope of Style

The Sheepskin Mouton Bomber Varsity is designed using the most cutting-edge method to increase its longevity in vogue. Even with changing trends, imperial art maintains its relevance. White and navy blue contrast on the body creates a pleasing pattern that manages to be appropriate for practically any situation. On a complimentary notch, hemline and wrist being vibrant in color scheme further elevates the statement. 

As a result, it is a wonderful armor and offers vibrant functional opportunities.

Ending Clause

In closing, the most elite and elegant Bomber Varsity in Sheepskin Mouton is progressively created to adapt to both harsh cold weather and minor adjustments. When combined, the outerwear exudes the most beautiful theme ever. Separately, style is noticeably rejuvenated. Besides, stalwart tailoring ensures a greater lifespan with minimum upkeep.  

Features of the Sheepskin Mouton Varsity Bomber

  • Waist-length men’s varsity bomber
  • Elasticized Hemline and Wrist
  • Mandarin Collar
  • Authentic Sheepskin mouton with internal silky satin lining
  • Button-down front 
  • Slash Pockets on front
  • Compact weight 
  • Flexible fit allowing unbounded mobility


  • Wool – Authentic Sheepskin Mouton
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Snap Button Down Front Closure
  • Mandarin Collar
  • Slash pockets
  • Elasticized Hemline, Cuffs
  • Waist-length Bomber Varsity
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Regular, Occasional
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