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Nappa Shearling Jacket in Black with Patchwork Detailing


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Authentic shearling jackets make a remarkable version of chic winter clothing. The black Nappa shearling jacket is made out of genuine pelts of shearling or lambskin. Made with creativity and innovation, the designing of the black Nappa shearling is done in such a way that it could be paired with any bottoms. The well-crafted lambskin jacket radiates unparalleled style and sophistication. It brings out a different class of its own.

Crafted by hands, the chic winter wear is pretty warm and comfortable even in extremely cold conditions. The plush black nappa shearling jacket comes as a perfect fit for all, regardless of the height or physique.

The black on the black jacket has a very powerful highlight of the color around the arm section. The leather trims or patchwork is well-detailed on the area with denser black color. Enhancing the entire outlook of the jacket, the winter wear improves your aesthetic appeal. Boosting your self-confidence, the jacket also has leather patchwork or joint stitching all over. This includes the frontline, the shoulder area, bottom edge, cuffs at the wrist and the backside of the jacket.

The jacket has a snap button highlight with shoulder applets. The innovatively crafted winter item is very polished and appealing. Designed with care, caution and precision, the jacket has high-quality bras-finish zippers ensuring optimum insulation inside the garment. Furthermore, there is a stylish inbuilt belt along the collar line.

There are spacious hand-warming zippered side pockets that will keep your palms warm and comfortable outdoors during extreme cold weather conditions. The inner wool of the fabric is turned and exposed to the outward collar area, the lapel and the jacket frontline. There are also small inbuilt leather belts on both sides of the waistline. This further creates a fascinating contract helping in making your product line look classier and more appealing.

Detailing of the product line – 

  • Made from Authentic shearling pelts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The product line is readily available in a wide variation of size
  • High-quality brass-finish zippers to provide optimum insulation inside the garment
  • Stylish inbuilt belt along the collar line
  • Stylish, spacious, zippered hand-warming pockets
  • Trims of the authentic leather deck up the shoulder line and the upper arms
  • Shoulder applets with snap buttons
  • The inner woolen layer of the fabric is exposed to the collar, the lapel and the jacket frontline
  • Minimal care and maintenance
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