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Womens Nylon Parka Coat with Hybrid Convertible Vest With Raccoon Fur Lining


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Winter season sounds to be more of a festival-filled fashion season rather than a dreary freezing period of the year. The amazing turn is all due to the obsessive urge of trendy people to look even more stylish in warm winter attire. There are various possibilities for winter clothes, including options that offer genuinely warm outerwear, proving their practicality, options for fashion, and still more options that may be used in a variety of seasons. When it comes to winter clothing for men and women, Alen Cooper thrives in the trendy clothing industry. Concepts surrounding the designs mark their distinctiveness, purpose, fending ability, and style statement.  The Womens Nylon Parka Coat is brought forth to balance comfort, fashion, and weather criteria.

When it comes to detailing and features, to start with, the parka has its body shell made of premium nylon and with an internal lining of rabbit fur trim. The coat tends to have a great shielding capacity. Both quality nylon and natural fur act as a barrier to warmth trespassing. On the other side shields the wearer from adverse cold weather. Nylon also esteems its water-resistant property which accounts for an added benefit. The original fur trim lining bears the dense and supple feature. The parka offers the softest and cozy feeling attributable to its authentic fur. The uniform texture leaves the most sumptuous feel ever.   

Extended accents of original arctic fox fur trim along the frontline and hood lend to its magnificent beauty. In addition, the trait provides a completely snug fit that keeps one totally out of the cold, regardless of how bitter the weather is. Parahgraph style fur texture compounds its overwhelmingly exquisite appeal.

Besides, the womens nylon parka coat carries primary features like pockets in flap style at the sides of the front, a single zippered chest pocket, and stylish drawstring adjustment along the waistline and hemline. A smooth-running zipper closing on the front and detachable hood provide more styling options to the wearer.  

However, the outer nylon shell is provided with a zip-out option, leaving behind a distinct individual vest. Further zip-out tailoring of the fox fur frontline and hood border and the fur liner along the body and hood improve the overall ability to adapt to different seasons. 

To make it through the frigid weather while remaining cozy and stylish, the women’s mid-length gorgeous parka is singlehandedly sufficient. A single investment makes it all to set your winter wardrobe once and for all. 


Physical Features: 

  • Hybrid Mid-length Parka Coat, with diffusible vest and wind-cheater 
  • Anti-shedding original rabbit fur trim inner lining
  • Natural Fox fur frontline and hood border in paragraph textured pattern
  • Pure 100% Nylon
  • The moderate elastic stretch along the wrist and snap buttons for fit adjustment
  • Zipper front closure
  • Flap style tilted front pockets on sides
  • A zippered chest pocket
  • Waist and hemline adjustment with drawstrings
  • Bottom vent at the back
  • Detachable hood with zip-out rabbi fur liner and separately clip-out fox fur trim border
  • Detachable rabbit fur internal liner and separately clip-out fox fur frontline
  • High-end product with extended durability
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