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Open Collar Fox Coat is perfect wear in winter for women


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A fox fur coat completes you with its typical features like warmth, softness, & breathability and can be molded into any style. So, fox fur is a preferred fabric for the winter. The practical usability & features of the fox fur outfits combined with some stylish designs, make it an exotic and excellent piece for the colder months. furrik’s creative team made this wonder in this Open Collar Fox Coat. 

The coat is a premium edition of the fox fur pelts and has some worthy features to count on it. The features are:

  • The body of this coat has white fox fur pelts. The fur pelts are in a horizontal and parallel manner, equidistant from each other to create a unique design. 
  • This fur coat has silver fox fur on the collar that not only enhances the looks but also improvises overall comfort and warmth.
  • This silver fox fur open-collar coat has a wide collar at the top and narrows at the bottom.  
  • An open collar coat typically refers to a coat or jacket that does not have a fully buttoned or zippered front but rather has an open neckline. This coat has a shawl lapel open collar. 
  • This fox fur coat has a lining made of silk satin of premium quality to increase comfort and durability.
  • This coat is a crop-style short winter outfit with a smart look. 
  • The full sleeves of this coat cover the hands in the winter.


This fox fur coat is an elegant and stylish piece of clothing that can offer warmth and comfort in colder climates. This coat for women can be considered a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This winter outfit can be matched with any bottom outfit. The body and collar are contrasting in shade that is classic yet fashionable.



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