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Men’s Premium Chinchilla Bomber Jacket



This is a Special/Customized Order. 

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Avoid allowing yourself to feel the slightest of cold as you explore the winter environment. Relish the springy feel while walking on snow. Rejoice and luxuriate in the slender most Premium Chinchilla Bomber Jacket on experiencing an airy warm feeling. You remain warm but still don’t feel your garments’ heavy weight or any restrictions to your motions. The perfection in the build of Furrik’s premium coat is mesmerizing! It sets to be one of the best winter wear having a high index comfort rendering trait. 

The jacket is tailored waist-length making the hemline to ensure a snug fit. Thus, elasticized stretchy adjustment offers a structural and cozy fit. The basic style of front closing makes dressing easier and swifter. High-end smooth functioning zippers aid the closing of the collar. Regarding the collar, it is designed to impart the softest and toasty sensation. It features exceptional high-rise styling being both functional and appealing.

The luxurious bomber is a true sense of winter dressing. Original chinchilla fur is utterly dense and so it efficiently fends the cold winds. The outerwear reflects the natural chinchilla shades of black, grey, and white which are artistically tailored to leave an amazingly stunning congruous pattern. The full internal lining of supreme satin holds opulence and insulation. And so, not only does the men’s wear prove its utile being, but upholds the perfect fusion of charm and leisure. The lump-kind fur texture gives off an appealingly voluminous impression and adds more to the winter delight.

Sleeve endings are detailed with elasticized fit and pockets on the sides feature a slit style. Putting it all, the Premium Chinchilla Bomber Jacket is highly durable with very minimalistic upkeep. Precise tailoring and authenticity mark its lifespan in terms of sheen and structure. It is a loose fit made to ensure flexibility in mobility and imparting oneself to feel the most natural. 

 Physical Features:

  • Waist-length coat
  • Distinct hump type of carved fur texture
  • A natural blend of black, grey, and white in a 
  • Real chinchilla fur with inner silky satin lining
  • Regular collar
  • Zippered front closing
  • Slit pockets on the front
  • Elasticized wrist and hemline



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