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Premium Hare Fur Overcoat


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Furrik presents authentic hare fur coats in the most opulent patterns. Don the premium hare fur overcoat to exude elegance and confidence. The stunning women’s outwear expresses sheer luxury and fashion on an equalized level. The splendor of the baggy coat transforms dull winter into a joyful season.  In terms of aesthetics and physicality, outerwear strives to be ageless.

In the most regal overcoat, one can look her best. Its length merely adds to its magnificence. It draws attention to itself with its radiance, and when paired with bodycon dresses or jeans, it may easily become an iconic piece. Furthermore, its long length detail keeps the functionality of warding against chilly gusts. Its featherweight lightness is noteworthy. The low-weight outerwear yet serves as the best winter shield.  It is soft and supple, and it has a knack for being a comfortable option to wear for extended periods of time.

The flared style towards the bottom contributes to the sparkle, giving a distinctive twist to modern fashion. The baggy fit enhances its voluminous charm, which is especially appealing for pleasant winter wear. The texture of the section lining adds a decorative statement to the already outstanding wear. The cuffs are extended and are styled in a way that exudes majesty. The shawl collar keeps the neck warm while remaining fluffy and adding a traditional touch. With its dense accents, genuine hare fur is extremely beautiful. The front closing is aided with clip lock hooks that are concealed to keep the sophisticated look. Further slit pockets normally blend in with the body, although they exist to protect hands and provide a snugger fit. 

Eventually, the premium hare fur overcoat is intended to be extremely soothing through its overall flexible loose fit and an internal lining made of silky textured satin. 

The overcoat accentuates the feminine physique. It is available in a variety of sizes, and hence becomes a perfect fit. The comfy overcoat is a one-time purchase.


Physical Features:

  • Real hare fur over coat in natural grey
  • Section lining texture
  • Flare style
  • Silky Satin inner lining
  • Furry shawl collar
  • Detailed cuffs
  • Slash pockets
  • Clip lock front closing
  • Overall baggy fit
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