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Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with Chinchilla Look


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Natural rabbit fur when processed premium mimics the lookalike of the original velvety chinchilla fur. A mutant of rabbit fur known as rex rabbit esteems in holding the badge of a replicated chinchilla fur. In line with this, the Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket has been designed with Rex fur to reflect the gorgeous glossy image. It’s skilled and advanced tailoring significantly bestows the glitzy appeal.

Basic Features

To point out, the bomber coat in trimmed rex rabbit fur defines its premium and regal being attributable to the dense yet uniform fur texture. Besides the natural fur, external defense is also served by the snug-fit zip-up closing on the front and voluminous yet supple collar. Chrome-finished zipper ensures a smooth running quality, while the double-furred collar accounts for maintaining warmth.

Also, internal opulence is lent by the elasticized tailoring of the wrist border and hemline and additionally by the fully lined satin lining.

Style Aspect

Significantly, the color scheme adds the utmost grandeur to the attire. Flawless blends of charming red, brown, and elegant black shape a contrasting symmetrical pattern. The iconic palette marks the hallmark of attraction. Hence, the winter bomber impeccably blends on twining with any bottoms. It is as good a casual attire as setting off a gorgeous party outerwear. Moreover, smart fit tailoring ensures a classic fit for all body physiques and also due to its availability in various sizes.

Returns on Investment

The Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket, being immensely authentic keeps flourishing after repeated uses. However, a very minimum of maintenance is all to keep its structure as good as new. Further, the conjunction of originality and precision keeps up with the fur’s anti-shedding quality. Hence with intact fur, glitz, charm, and defensive ability is certain to stay by. Thus, the option makes a worthwhile selection.

Physical Features of the Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket 

  • Reflects blends of red, brown, and tinges of black in an iconic color scheme
  • Authentic trimmed rex rabbit fur in a uniform texture
  • A single-section lining along the waistline
  • Elasticized wrist and hemline
  • Slit style stylishly placed front pockets on the sides
  • Zip-up front closure
  • Regular turned-down rabbit fur double collar
  • Complete internal satin lining
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