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Men’s Rabbit Fur Jacket with Fox Fur Collar in Black


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Brief on Rabbit Fur Men Coat : Furred winter wears fame for their immense charm and impeccable elegance. They form a solo definition when style and tidiness has to combine with an ideal winter season wear. Likewise, when it is about natural rabbit fur, then not only the above mentioned traits are hybridized, but even luxury and comfort adds up to the definition. 

Furrik’s Rabbit Fur Men Coat has been designed with a similar concept as mentioned, while being supremely processed to keep up with its unrivalled ageless style. Further, its appealing statement happens to be balanced against the key function of sole winter wears.

 Potential Ability 

Indeed, the parameters like authentic fur, advanced tailoring and inventiveness accounts for claiming the Men Coat in Rabbit Fur to be flawless in its chief operation. Thus, fending ability is certainly significant. Not only that, but apart from winters, the coat can also be an add-on for late fall and early spring seasons.

Design Approach of the Men rabbit Fur Coat

To emphasize, the basic features of the stylish wear includes the trimmed rabbit fur with a section lining textured pattern, internal uniform satin lining, long sleeves with a comfortable loose fit, and premium arctic fox furred round neck collar. Furthermore, exquisite detailing on the outerwear includes the front closing and pockets. 

To emanate more, the zip-up front is tailored to be simplistic and tidy in appearance and is centrally oriented. Elite chrome finished zipper ensures a smooth run. Besides, slit-cut pockets on front add to supplemental snugness and usefulness.       

Ending Clause

To sum up, the single toned jet black Rabbit Fur Coat  stems its extraordinary qualities from the very ordinary details and features. It is just about the advancement of pattern making. Also, an overall prime quality of the winter wear holds back its iconic tag.    

Features of the Rabbit Fur Men Coat

  • Single-toned in an elegant black shade with accents of velvet’s touch
  • Short trimmed authentic rabbit fur pelts 
  • Section lining fur texture 
  • An Inner lining of completely silky satin 
  • Lower waist-length jacket with a tenuous body fit and loose comfortable sleeves 
  • Supple and Flexible
  • Round neck arctic fox fur collar
  • Zippered front-closure 
  • 2 front pockets in slit style
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