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Real Fox Fur Crop Coat with Broad Collar and Long Sleeves for Women


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Acquiring a fresh take on winter dressing for women – the real fox fur crop coat! A pure enticement to the ecstasy is the unadulterated blue fox fur. The pure visual uniqueness of the original blue shadow fox is the contrasting blackish tinge on pure white. The natural color pattern exudes an extraordinary, boundless beauty owing to skilled crafting. The impression of dense fur itself explains a warm, pleasant appearance.

Enriched silky satin lining on the internal side contributes to eternal comfort. Original warmth is retained by the most premium quality authentic Finland fox fur. The flexible baggy fit and puffy detailing on the body and long sleeves maintain the harmony between upgraded fashion and comfort. Hence, in spite of the short length, the outerwear is a standard winter dress. Optimum texture and appreciable lightweight account for added benefit.

Baggy sleeves are tailored with additional fur embracing along arms and cuffs. A thick band thus captivates the prime sleeves and compliments the fashion. The regal broad collar is given a full warm finish. The enriched furred collar extends to the lapel and forms the front line. This ensures a breathable cozy feel, most required for adverse weather.

The real fox fur crop coat is certain to go well for all-day wear. It defines a sophisticated fashion vide its overall simple features. Original pristine allure is upheld, and fame for carrying it for parties is encouraged. Its overall simplistic features form a refined style. 

Original, pristine attractiveness is upheld, and party-carrying fame is enhanced. Conditionalties like durability and evergreen fashion are fulfilled by this soft, one-time investment winter wear.

Physical Features:

  • Crop – Length coat
  • Soft blue fox fur 
  • Original Finland fox fur
  • Rich silky satin lining 
  • Premium Quality coat
  • Broad shape fox fur collar and dense lapel
  • Captivated Frontline
  • Flexible baggy fit long sleeves
  • Comfy fit body     
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