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Real Rabbit Fur Trench Coat for Women


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Unveiling the enormous beauty of the most elegant women’s Rabbit Fur Trench Coat. The premium outerwear is tailored with a typical long length, vide which its tremendous majesty is upheld. Simplicity is a definition to this basic coat and yet it throws off an unusual spin to the modern era fashion. The extended length also compliments the height.

Real rabbit fur is renowned for its warmth and provides utter protection against cold. Aside, its soft nature accounts for imparting a sensual feel and is most luxurious, as of which it can even be tagged up for a whole day’s wear. Internal Satin lining is maintained to be in its original and best form, through which eternal silky smooth feel can be experienced. The lining further aids for optimum warmth retention.

Smooth fur is designed with a horizontally section lined texture. The sections follow a wide style and are symmetrical throughout the body. Sleeves are long and fur distribution maintains a uniform texture here. The section’s pattern is a unique feature and contributes to an extraordinary charm. The coat is tailored to be moderately flowy towards the bottom end and its sleeves shape for a baggy fit. Overall, it is tailored to assure a comfortable wear out of it, and frames itself to be the most suitable for all physiques.

Concealed clip lock hook type front closing is extended till lapel. The trait leaves a sophisticated impression and captivates the tidy appearance. Side pockets on each hips follow the slit feature, which not only provides an easy palm resting option, but also throws off the unnoticed regal touch. Furred Collar along with lapel down is pretty broad and flat and is placed with a collar down style. The tender attribute is a sheer parameter to integrate the overall lavish feel.

All in all, the majestic Rabbit Fur Trench Coat is a supreme outerwear which is made more attractive with a single toned tan shade. The uniform hue and an only shade throughout the whole body is an iconic tag to the edgy elegant outerwear. It will certainly be suitable to match party themes and shall need minimum upkeep. It ensures robust touch to its tailoring and shall remain magnificent as new. 

Physical Features:

  • Trench Coat
  • Natural Rabbit fur
  • Silky satin inner lining
  • Centrally oriented front closing
  • Concealed clip lock hooks for closing
  • Broad Collar-down and flat lapel
  • Horizontally section lined texture
  • Slit style pockets along hips
  • Long Sleeves with a baggy fit
  • Flowy bottom
  • Comfy fit tailored
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