Fundamentals of the Real Shearling Jacket for Women : When it is to any clothing, maintaining a style statement is just as crucial as adhering to the recognized norms for the primary function. However, when relating to the aforementioned, winter outfits have high standards to meet. For instance, the primary function of fending must be accomplished before other considerations such as a classic statement, a reduced weight value, a long lifespan, etc. 

To that end, Furrik intends to match the ideal standards for designing winter ensembles. In like manner, the Real Shearling Jacket for Women is a simple design yet extraordinary, offered for redefining a new trend in the current fashion era.

About the Real Shearling Women Jacket

Shearling wool in its authentic being esteems its ultra warmth retention ability and wards the cold at bay. Its soft and supple nature renders the sumptuous feel ever conceivable. The hide is suede finished to leave a classic matt impression. The body highlights the most inventive and extraordinary flap feature on shoulder joints and lower waist. 

Shearling wool is extended to mark a highlight along the frontline, hemline, and sleeve endings. Front pockets are vertically placed sidewards with a slit-cut style. The orientation improves its usefulness. Genuine Red Fox Fur is accessorized on the front. It exudes funkiness and majesty. 

Added extras

The turn-down collar is accentuated by Notch-lapels and adorned with a leather strap. The belt acts as a further accessory to improve vibrancy as well as secures the collared neck attribute. Besides, front closing is aided by ultra-stylish buttons with lend unrivaled appeal. 

Ending Clause

The Real Shearling Jacket for Women makes good winter wear while also being a gorgeous waist-length coat. It’s funky appeal and casual concept make it a good match for any celebratory attire besides everyday casual.  

Features of the Women Real Shearling Jacket

  • Suede-finished hide with intact natural shearling wool
  • Contrasting tan and white shaded coat
  • Accents of white wool along the hemline, frontline, and wrist border
  • Vertical slit-style pockets on the front
  • Original Red Fox fur characterizes the front
  • Collar with notch lapels 
  • A leather strap with buckle ends for adjusting the collar fit 
  • Flaps along shoulder joints and waist-bottom
  • Elegant and stylish front closures